We are currently experiencing severe delays with orders at the moment. Our team is working as quickly as possible to get you your sweet, sweet merch - but please be patient and allow up to two additional weeks for your packages to ship. Apology breakfasts all around!!

COVID-19 Questions

We know how crazy everything is right now, and we are working hard to get your your items in as timely a manner as possible. Below are the answers to some common questions you might have regarding your order:

My order hasn't arrived yet:

Don't worry, your order most likely isn't lost or forgotten. Currently we are asking all customers to allow up to 28 business days (Monday - Friday) for their orders to process and ship. As long as you are still within the 28 business day window, you don't need to worry. Your item is still on-track to be delivered. If your item is outside of the 28 business day window, please email shop@naddpod.com.

My order has only partially arrived:

Due to the delays we are experiencing, sometimes we find it advantageous to split an order into multiple parts in order to get your items to you as fast as possible. If one of your items hasn't arrived still, please allow the aforementioned 28 business day processing window for it to ship. As before, if the 28 business days come and go and the item doesn't ship, please email shop@naddpod.com.

My order hasn't been delivered (domestic):

Once your item has shipped, there isn't anything we can do here at NADDPOD to speed up the parcel delivery service who is handling your shipment. Obviously, due to COVID, these services can sometimes experience extended delays. As long as your tracking link is updating fairly regularly, everything should be good. If you experience an extended period of time where your order does not advance or appears stuck, email shop@naddpod.com.

My order hasn't been delivered (international):

Due to long lines at international hubs, our international parcel delivery services have advised us to allow up to 25 business days from the original estimated delivery date before reporting an item as being lost. So, as long as your order's original estimated delivery date is within 25 business days of today, it will most likely still arrive. If you are outside of those 25 business days, then email shop@naddpod.com.

If your question or concern doesn't fall under any of those three categories, please simply email shop@naddpod.com and we will be more than happy to assist you!